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Imagine the tranquil sounds of the wind blowing through a tree just outside your bedroom window, it entrances you into your dream world and its familiarity brings you peace and calm. Well, as a young child growing up on the windy nights this is what I fell asleep to. My very own Willow Tree stood strong outside my window like a soldier standing guard keeping the world safe, I listened to the brush of its grand branches and the wind whistling through its trunk. With this fond childhood memory “Whistling Willow Designs” was named, this has carried with me all these years as and is the one memory I have brought to life.
With over 40 years of traditions in Floral Design and 20 years of Interior Design Whistling Willow offers our client’s creative and unique designs from the simplicity of flowers to the creativity of redesigning your home .
Here at Whistling Willow as the owner and founder I like to ensure we take great care in  bringing to our clients designs that are unique with beauty and grace. When it comes to how we design with flowers we take great pride in knowing what I was taught from watching my Father who learned from my Grandmother how important it is to provide unique and beautiful arrangements.  I believe it not only means a great deal to myself, but to my client as well.
With extensive studies and experience in Interior and Floral Design along with what I have been taught by my Father as well as my Grandmother I am able to offer refreshing and elegant designs to my clients.   It was in the early 50’s when my Grandmother and my Grandfather opened up their first flower shop at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, after a couple of years sadly my Grandfather passed away unexpectedly leaving my Grandmother with the Flower Shop to manage as well as two teenagers. With my Grandmother’s great determination to succeed a second location was opened at Eglinton Square.  Along with the  original storefront at St. Lawrence Market and the second location at Eglinton Square my Father and Grandmother ran both locations, with my Grandmother teaching my Father everything he needed to know they were of great success.
To this day the store my Grandparents started together still exists and my Grandfathers name still watches over what once was his “Tom Frost Florists.”
  As a child I would enter into my Fathers studio and the smell of Eucalyptus and the array of flowers and mosses would make me inhale all the scents to fill every part of me making me smile and imagine gardens filled with these flowers. What could be better than working with flowers and redesigning spaces all day, offering my clients the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face, to create a life long wedding day memory or  to just give someone a bit of tranquility, you can’t help but smile.
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